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Buy and Sell / New A3 with screen and sd slot
« on: October 30, 2017, 04:15:57 PM »
 I ordered this new version of the A3 on Sept.4 it finally arrived today(10-30).  In the 2 months I was waiting I decided just to go straight to a CO2 laser.  I have a post in the general forum with the same name with more info and member feedback on this version.   It is brand new everything still sealed and and never removed or assembled.   The Lcd screen has a joystick for navigating menus and jogging the gantry.  Including also is a sd slot with a 256mb card.  Ill ship it for free anywhere in the U.S.  the price is 275.00

General Discussion / New A3 with screen and sd slot
« on: September 22, 2017, 07:21:09 PM »
Hi all Ive just purchased my first 2.5kw laser to ease myself into learning feed rates vs power settings.  I currently own a 48x96 cnc router parts machine.  I use the cnc to build custom sub boxes the laser will add the ability to burn in my logo to unpainted mdf enclosures.  I hope to burn red anodized tags for my bedliner finish boxes.  Ive seen the results on engraving names on flashlights and dogtags  so Im hoping to achieve good results with practice but if it fails I can always etch with the cnc.  I will be upgrading to a C02 laser to etch acrylics(cnc etches it now) in the future.  The A3 I ordered may be a clone so Ill update the stepper board if necessary but it comes with its own screen and jogging ability( so thats why I purchased it for its flexibility not to be tied to a laptop.  Have you guys seen this version of the A3 any info you can provide woul
d be appreciated.  Thanks Cherryman

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