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EleksMaker / 5500mw laser not receiving pwm signal?
« on: March 20, 2018, 04:31:45 AM »
Hello everyone,

thanks for the support so far, this forum is top notch.

I'm not sure this is the right forum, maybe I should jump ahead to eleksmaker forum. But since many users here use the A3 I hope for some clearence.

I extended all of the cables for my bigger custom frame. I made my own custom cable for the laser module and made both plugs the same orientation. The one sitting on the laser module (5500mw) is red, black, yellow while the same orientation of the plug on the mana board should be yellow, black, red . Can someone confirm this?

The first time i had switched the yellow and red cable, because who the he** would change the order of the cables? I turned it on for a couple of seconds and a blue led on the mana board flashed. The fan of the laser was dead. I found out this was due to wrong wiring.

Fixed it. Tried again. Fan is working, laser module shows blue led, low power and full power buttons on the laser board are both working perfectly.
But when using Software the laser is not working. Tried Bencutlaser and T2laser.
I measured all the cables plus the contacts behind the boards (backside). Everything is in place and connected. It seems the laser module is not receiving any pwm signal?! What else can I check?
Did i ruin the lasermodule? is it the manaboard?
Also the cable diameter is 0.22mm² which is imho smaller than before. Could this be the problem?

Anyone knows where I can quickly reorder the correct cable? I didn't even find a source for the correct cable in small sizes. Very frustrating.

Attached my laser module picture

Thank you all!


first thank you for the great software and tutorials on bencutlaser. So far i like it. I'm using a Eleksmaker laser A3 Pro 5500mW with upgraded frame (~100x80cm²), bencutlaser 3.1 and catia.

Now I use Catia V5 to create my cutting shape. There I create a drawing and export it as .dxf files. I then import the dxf into bencutlaser (3.1). Bencutlaser recognizes all the lines correctly, but is not able to make a polyline of the separate lines and circles, see image attached. Many elements have a wrong orientation.
--> Now I have to reverse lines and arcs as well as reorder them manually. This can take a lot of time in more complex projects.

Is there any way to automatically recognize the order of elements and set the correct orientation for them?
Otherwise: anyone knows how to make my .dxf file save polylines instead of separate elements? In Catia all the lines are connected, tangent and make one fine line. I did not find any option to export polylines into .dxf other than above.

Thanks everyone and happy cutting!

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