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are the features of GRBL for hardware buttons
Pin - Function
A2 - Cycle Start
A1 - Feed Hold
A0 - Reset/Abort

supported by the T2Laser software?

I would implement a function by pushing the Feed-Hold button on A1. In this case the cutter should stop and disable the laser.
If i push the button on pin A2 Cylce-Start then the process should be continue.

It is just to avoid overheating of my laser.

Benbox / Convert a china laser (Benbox) to TTL an GRBL Firmware + T2Laser
« on: January 14, 2020, 01:35:29 PM »

i use an cheap 3W china laser machine. It is not realy possible to control the power of the laser.
I wan't engrave gray scale pictures.

It look like my current board support ttl control. I just need to resolder a pullup to a pulldown.

My controlboard use the D11 pin for TTL.

Is this board supported by the current GRBL firmware?

Someone made a similiar conversion?


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