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Hmm. That's not a good sign then, because I've tried that configuration  several times and it doesn't work. I'm going to look through your link but if that doesn't help I guess i'll be troubleshooting whether it's the diode or the driver that's burnt. sh**.

Looking for a bit of help. I used to build custom handheld lasers years ago, so I have a decent idea when it comes to diodes, drivers, heatsinking, etc. I also know basic TTL/PWM concepts, which I picked up relating to microcontrollers, but beyond basic arduino outputs there are some gaps (esp. in relation to LDs since anything I've done before has always been a constant wave application)

I know I saw this laser mentioned on here somewhere before, but I didn't see anything about my specific issue discussed in any detail to be useful.
 I bought a 3.5W laser module on sale from banggood, 450nm ( and it comes with a separate board, which I'm guessing is a TTL board, although I am not certain.

Side story: The laser got lost in the mail for about 5 months, they refunded it because they didn't have any in stock, and I bought another diode from DTR (i'll save that discussion until my heatsink shows up). But then, litterally 5 months later, this laser finally shows up. Its packaged in a static safe bag, wrapped in thin white foam, and thrown in a plastic mailing BAG. (Like wtf? Guess theres a shortage of cardboard in china?) Needless to say, after getting passed around the mail system for 5 months, one of the potentiometers was bent almost off the board and the heatsink was bent on one corner. Not sure how much of that was there in the first place (I mean look at the wonky soldering job in the pictures posted on THEIR^site)

Anyway, I am trying to interface it with the (new?) Mana SE board (no jumper under nano, or anywhere actually, and has an inductor under the nano instead) I'll attach a picture. Neither of the 2 items came with a cable that would go between them, so I've had to make one out of my parts bin ( I had 3 pin connectors for the laser, but not 2 pin for the others)

The problem is that the TTL board has 4 pins, but the laser connector only has 3. I can get the TTL board to turn on, and the fan on the module runs, but the laser just doesn't want to pew pew. It seems the TTL signal might need a ground, but I've tried attaching that pin to ground and it doesn't work. I have gone through countless ways of connecting it but can't seem to get any of them to do anything.

I saw in another thread they mention if you have a 2 pin laser, that the mana has built in TTL (which mine does) and could be connected to the motor connector. I am hesitant to try this though, as I've taken the fan off the back of the laser module and the wires go right into the back of the diode housing. I don't SEE any sort of current regulator, but I guess there could be a small one in there. I'm not certain that the diode is going to be able to handle a full +12v if there's no curcuitry in there, I've never heard of a diode running directly on 12v.. If there is, I'm not sure enough about the polarity of the wires to connect it with any confidence (I have Gray and Dark purple/blue from the diode, which could be interpreted either way) Is it ok to plug my diode directly into the mana SE (with no visible current regulation?)

As others discussed in another thread, I tried hooking a fan to some of the pins, and it seems I am getting PWM output on all three of the servo, laser and motor connectors. the signal on the laser connector is <5v paired with 12v supply, the motor puts out +12v PWM, and the servo has 5v (or actually 4.78v) pwm on the S line, and 4.78v supply. So that all seems to be working as expected from what I can tell, other than it being shy of 5v.

I'm trying to get it running with the trial T2 software and 1.1e firmware. I doubt it really matters, but the rest of the system is an Eleksmaker A3.

Anybody have any ideas? I mean for all I know, it might have been damaged in shipping, or maybe I fried it, but I would like to know whats wrong either way.

Thanks in advance, hope i didn't forget anything relevant.


Trouble Shooting / Re: Elekmaker-"mana se" 3 pin mystery
« on: March 29, 2017, 09:00:50 PM »
Looking at the ebay advert  mentioned above  in ARE quite correct.  The so called laser socket does appear to have 3 pins although it is physically smaller than the other 3 pin sockets.  Weird.  :((

What sort of plug is on the end of the laserhead?  (coming from the laser).... 3 pin...2 pin??

Not sure if this was pointed/figured out before, but I noticed discussion of the laser connector being smaller than the others.. figured I'd chime in some clarification since I have it sitting in front of me.

The three other sockets, which are for direct stepper connection, are 4 pin actually. 2 for y-axis and one for x.

**Another point of interest (and possible danger) is that the 3 pin connector for the servo, and 3 pin for the laser have pinouts (-+s) and (+-s) respectively. Pretty easy to reverse the polarity just by moving the cable over to the next connector, and its almost an intuitive move since they are both 3 pin and the one is just standard headers - meaning there's nothing to stop you from plugging it in. (luckily its only 5v on the servo pins, but I'd imagine -5v would be strong enough to f*** some sh** up still!)

Oh and this is my first post here, i guess.  ::)

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