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General Questions / Re: Calibrating the A4988 Driver Boards
« on: August 30, 2018, 05:16:42 AM »
Pololu's own video is a good demonstration of calibrating DRV8825's but it can also be applied to A4988, DRV8824, and DRV8834.

General Questions / Re: upgrading my laser
« on: August 30, 2018, 05:05:51 AM »
"PWM was on Pin 12
Yeah, sorry about that, just re read what I put and realised I got it wrong.
I meant they had been swapped so you can use pin 11 because it is a PWM pin.

General Questions / Re: upgrading my laser
« on: August 29, 2018, 01:28:14 PM »
Software has nothing to do with it point.
It does to a point, if you have a laser thats not PWM compatible then you don't need PWM enabled in the software.
Just On and Off. Like I said LaserGRBL allows you to disable PWM for non PWM lasers.

You never want un-terminated stubs which acts like an antenna feeding signals to a controller of any type.
What do you mean by un-terminated stubs? do you mean unused pins on the shield?

Having cap's on the new board won't stop the old design from working.
I don't remember saying the old board would'nt work without them. I just said the new board has caps.  It also has the resistors you mention, but they are in a resistor array and not seperate resistors. Just to the left of the caps. They must do the job they were intended for or they would'nt have included them.

The laser mightygrom has is the one in the image below. It has a little hole marked TTL. If it's just a matter of connecting a wire from there to the PWM connector
of the shield, which is the SpnEn pin then it should work, the SpnEn pin on the shield goes straight to the PWM pin 11 on the Arduino.
I would add a seperate GND connection from the laser driver board to the Shield, just to make sure.
The laser has it's own 12V DC connector to power the laser driver and the laser, so if the TTL wire was connected (if thats what it's for) then the Arduino would modulate the laser power through pin 11 to SpnEn and to the driver board.
But theres no documentation for that laser, just a few specs like wattage, voltage etc, so it might not be for that.

General Questions / Re: upgrading my laser
« on: August 28, 2018, 05:27:52 PM »
but the thing to remember with that shield is there is no Mosfet so it will only work with TTL/PWM lasers.

Not quite true, true it does'nt have a mosfet but some laser engraving software (LaserGRBL for example) allows you to use a TTL/PWM laser as a normal On / Off  laser. You just disable PWM mode in the settings.
Besides that mightygrom said he wants to use TTL/PWM anyway.

the only thing that is different is the pin location and labeling of D11 & D12

Also not quite true. The latest board also has filtering capacitors to stop false triggering on end stop switches and probes.
The onboard fuse has also been removed as it is not really needed.

Also there is an extra jumper in the bottom right corner of the shield to allow either NO or NC switches.

General Questions / Re: upgrading my laser
« on: August 28, 2018, 04:58:10 AM »
I would go for a Protoneer 3.51 Arduino Shield. Version 3.51 is fully compatible with GRBL 1.1.
Arduino UNO, genuine, not a clone.
Polou DRV8825 Stepper Drivers.  DRV8825 can do up to 1/32 micro-stepping.

From what I 've read you can only buy a genuine 3.51 version board. The schematic diagrams were released for the earlier versions so there are a lot of clone/fake/copies around.
The diagrams for version 3.51 were not released so it has not been copied.
You can get version 3.51 from Ebay but they always come from Protoneer or one of it's suppliers, so you know you have a genuine one.

Older versions of the Protoneer Shield had the Arduino pin 11 connected to the Z+ and Z- limit switch pins
to match the way GRBL worked. PWM was on Pin 12.
GRBL has now been remapped so that PWM is on pin 11, and Z+/- limit switch is Pin 12 on the Arduino.
So version 3.51 works as it should.

It's a 3 Axis board with X,Y and Z plus a forth one that can be a clone of X,Y or Z.
So you can have 1 motor for the X Axis, 2 for the Y Axis and 1 for the Z.

Then new version 3.51 also includes end stop and probe signal filtering to stop false triggering and lets you use un-shielded wiring
on the end stop switches and probe.

It runs on 12-36V DC.

What Can Be Cut? / Re: Laser Engraving Stainless Steel With Mustard.
« on: August 27, 2018, 04:21:37 PM »
Haha, yeah I thought it was a bit strange. Must be some sort of chemical reaction.
I would try it but I'm out of mustard.

What Can Be Cut? / Laser Engraving Stainless Steel With Mustard.
« on: August 27, 2018, 10:16:20 AM »
Just wondered if anyone here had tried laser engraving stainless steel with mustard.
If so, what were the results? and what wattage laser?
Just been watching a couple of vids on YT.
Like this one:

Buy and Sell / Re: 2 X Elekslaser 2.5W for SALE
« on: August 27, 2018, 08:07:43 AM »
Hi XenonElite.

I'm in the UK and just wondered if you sold your 2 machines.

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