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How To Register
« on: November 14, 2016, 07:45:37 AM »
Every 24 hours, this forum receives over 1,000 new registration requests. 95% of them are spam. The number of requests is increasing. To help combat this spam and bots, a new sign up procedure is now in place. Guests who wish to sign up for membership on this forum please keep reading.

Before you can register for a new account on this forum, which will allow you to post, you must email the administrator and request a registration key. You will need to enter this key when registering.

To request a registration key use this email address:

Emails sent to this address are automatically transferred into a spam folder. The admin will look over incoming emails and reply to the ones which look legitimate. Emails that do not look legitimate will simply be ignored. Emails in this folder are automatically deleted every 24 hours.

Email addresses that end in *.ru will not receive a reply.
Email addresses that have a lot of random characters in them will not receive a reply.
Email addresses that look like spam will not receive a reply.
Email addresses that contain "Benboxlaser" will not receive a reply.

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