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Orange Safety Goggles
« on: April 22, 2017, 02:38:49 PM »
I found some orange goggles in a German webshop which fit over prescription glasses and filter all light with wavelengths less than 510 nm (see the transmission curve in the attachment). This includes our blue laser diodes. You won't even see the laser itself as long as it is not burning anything. What you see with the laser working is the light produced by the burning materials.
I think the green goggles you see everywhere may be safe for red lasers, but not for for blue and violet-blue. You need orange/red there. And I have not seen a transmission curve for those Chinese green safety goggles anywhere. Or has anybody? Please post it.

Here is the link to those goggles:
-EleksMaker - A3 2500 MW Laser with Mana SE board
-Used for cutting prototypes of cardboard kits only
-I live in Wuerzburg, Bavaria, Germany