Author Topic: For sale StudioLabs new Complete system for K40 Laser systems  (Read 3025 times)


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CO2 Laser Engraving K40 LIHUIYU M Mother Main Board + Control Panel + Dongle B System Engraver Cutter DIY 3020 3040

Complete system, powered up once, to see if it works!
Looking for about 60 US, or exchange with something i can use.
Board is fully functional. and has digital power control.
Auto reference axis at startup.
Even have the optical edge switches and flatcables.

Pm for info. regards Nico
*A3 Laser 2500mW
*T2Laser Licensed software*
*Modified 2.5Watt laser module*
*Running Agastar Linear Pwm laser board*
*Co2 Laser 40W, DSP-X7, Air nozzle, Autofocus, Stepper controlled Z-table*