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Benbox Software Security Risk
« on: May 04, 2017, 05:33:18 AM »
One of our forum members, @mic159, sent me the following information regarding the security risk he found in the default China factory Benbox software program.

@mic159 says the following about this software:

"Its not a virus, but the software has some holes in it that can be used by bad actors to do bad things.

The Trojan warnings are definitely true, but again, it was probably not intentional, just bad design of an auto-update feature.

I would definitely never install this software outside of a virtual machine!

I would suggest deleting curl.exe from the installed directory to disable the auto-updater/trojan part of it.

I would also suggest not browsing the internet while running the software.

In addition to deleting curl.exe, also delete update.dll. I just checked and it all still works.

Deleting the files will only deactivate the Trojan side, not the other issue."
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