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Re: PCB drill
« Reply #30 on: May 16, 2017, 07:31:35 PM »
Flex as in twist vertically ?
I was thinking about this last night and thought maybe a couple more if those angle brackets ion the top of the 2020 at the corners ti the sides of the 2040 would support the cornes a bit more, then cuttint the right size baseboard and bolting it to the underside of the 4 extrusions to give it more stiffness.

These are the machines I was thinking of.

The best way to describe it is the mid section of the beam was rotating some, and the end were not.
The bottom of the Z axis was able to move forward and back. I will attach a picture of it without anything mounted on the Z axis.

The machine you pointed to uses dual chrome rods for the the X axis gantry to move on and would have much less flex.

The laser frames would be fine for a light CNC as long as your expectations match its limitations.
The second attachment shows some of what I was able to do going slow.

Laser: was an A3 2.0w TTL L6/GRBL Z axis now 2'x3'
          OpenBuilds ACRO 510 w/ 2.0W TTL laser Cohesion Mini/Smoothie Z axis Homing switches
          K40 Cohesion Mini 60W LightObject LPS
          80W CO2 Red-Black 500x700

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