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Geared encoder motor
« on: July 05, 2017, 11:23:53 AM »
One of these arrived today

I bought it to experiment with driving a DC motor with an encoder feedback, also thought it might ge more suitable for my plasma cutter build. Then I might make a sliding door opener or something ..

I am yet to try the encoder but powered it up to check torque, damn, its torquey .. even running the motor at 2V you can't grip the shaft hard enough to stall it, at 24v I think you could use it as a tiny winch lol.

Top comes off easily, screws arent even tight, open it output shaft side down though, the pins are mounted on that side and you end up with all the gears and brass spacers on the floor otherwise ..

brass worm on motor to a nylon gear, then 3 alloy reductions to output. A few degrees of play on output shaft, not measured it yet but I reckon if it had a T16 pulley on it you would get 0.2mm or so of belt inaccuracy. So its going to be better at larger movements.
Nicely lubed with white lithium grease, no bearings but all the gears are sitting on decent sized steel shafts, thing shoukd last quite a while imo and the motor brushes will likely fail first.

About 40mA no load current at all voltages.

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