Author Topic: Finally made some chips!  (Read 1578 times)


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Finally made some chips!
« on: September 23, 2017, 07:35:16 PM »
Well after almost 2 years not using my equipment as CNC I have been trying to get back to it!

Last week looked at some of my old gcode. Might as well have been in greek! So I sat down and look it over until it started making sense again. I have used the machines manually for some small repair stuff, but have not used it CNC.

I decided to build the "Millie Steam engine" project in the back of Joe Martins "Tabletop Machining" Book. The only stock I had on hand for the flywheel and crank wheels is some 1018 steel bar .75" X 1" x 7". I decided to mill a cylinder for the wheels from that bar on the CNC mill. Then finish them in the lathe.

I used an edge finder and centered up my bar, center drilled it, then drilled the 1/8" hole through. Then tried to tackle the gcode to cut the cylinder from the bar stock.

And of course just as I had the code edited the computer froze up. Rebooted appeared to be working and edited code again. froze up and would not save again, frozen. Tried to boot it again and it said I had to choose a different boot drive, Great!

Had to dig it out of it's hole and pull the side panel. No loose cables that I could find. Nothing obvious, just some dust and not really much of that. This computer maybe has 100 hours on it total, no reason for it to be acting up! Used an air can and blew it out! It booted. Edited and saved the code no problem, I guess third time is the charm!

Ran the code in simulation and found some errors, fixed them, tried running the code as a flyover (running the code with the bit well over the work) to make sure it is starting in the right place and speeds and such appear right. Had to change the start point of the "arc" as it was not cutting arond 0,0 but to the high right. More head scratching. Got everything right finally.

Finally started cutting. realized the "cylinder" did not appear large enough. It wasn't it was .625" not .8". I let it finish cutting down to .35" (I can use this piece for the crank wheel) and then stopped it recalculated the tool path by hand (should have let tool compensation do it). Reset to zero and started cutting a larger circle over the current cut. Made it back down to .35". At .38" the mill bit decided to come loose (an idiot must have not tightened it enough!) and it knocked the vice out of position. Emergency stop and look everything over!

Overall, not my day! But starting to remember the basics and made some chips. I want to check the tram of the machine before I try again. It was not a hard bang and nothing got trapped, but might as well check it to be sure! Should be ready for another try soon!
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