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Cooling fan right power and thickness
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:04:07 AM »
Thought Iíll share my recent  experience.

My cooling fan failed in first couple days of use so BangGood sent me replacement(30x30x10 0.08Amp 5 blade), got replacement on machine and straight away noticed dramatic change in noise it makes, NO NOISE AT ALL, was really surprised and happy in same time thinking will enjoy this quietness but that didnít last long, after about 15minutes in job notice laser module went warm (old fan kept it cold no matter how many hours been used). It didnít keep up the job basically so ordered one locally, this time more powerful 0.20Amp 7 blade  but slightly thinner 30x30x7. Soldered it on, put all together and boom, something wrong, turns on and off all yhe time, couldnít figure out why, but got there eventually, it needed bigger gap between laser module and TTL board to drag air in and for air to escape, put some extra  plastic washers and it works although unable to install board in its place so it hangs on side now until i order slightly less powerful fan and 10mm thick. . I donít know if any of this make sense to anyone but anyway though Iíll share it. Iíve added pictures of old fan (one broken wire) BangGood fan (0.08Amp one) and my own purchase 0.20Amp. Will order aroun 0.12Amp this time.  i was typing on my phone so apologies for any nonsense i have made lol 😂
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Re: Cooling fan right power and thickness
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2017, 11:13:46 AM »
good info. my fan is noisy and it worries me
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