Author Topic: Bug report: Convert2DXF lose portions of original PDF when converted to DXF  (Read 3139 times)


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Hi @Agastar,

I'm not sure if you're interested in bug fixing the Convert2DXF command line app since I note you haven't been on the forum for some months and the application files have fallen off your Dropbox link, but FWIW - I love your application and use it constantly. I design in Adobe Illustrator CS6 and the command line app integration into T2 Laser makes it possible for me to continue using T2L, since Illustrator's DXF export is generally incompatible with T2L's DXF import.

However, I ran into a bug today where the command line app lost portions of my design when converting from PDF > DXF. Attached is a thumbnail of the original design and a thumbnail of the converted DXF. If you are interested in maintaining the application, please private message me and I can send you the PDF for you to take a look.

Many thanks in appreciation for your past work.

All the best,

- Ian


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It should be possible to export compatible DXF files from Illustrator, or at least convert them with another program but that would add another step. I can see how this PDF to DXF is useful.

If you want to email that file as DXF to me I will take a look.