Author Topic: T2 RAMPS compatible?  (Read 8184 times)


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Re: T2 RAMPS compatible?
« Reply #15 on: May 14, 2017, 09:51:51 PM »
Heh, religion.
reddit has /r/psoc which is pretty useful.

I have one of these

also available ebay, rs etc..

The tools are pretty cool, shoukd have no issues with it, it is at heart just another FPGA but with a bunch of analog functionality, which I thought might be useful for overcurrent etc however no real advantage over a dsPIC or simething with half a brain I guess, these you can get in tiny form factors though when 64 pins is like 50 pins overkill.
You only really need the documentation for details on the area you are working on, they often have limitations you don't realise steaight away, like which pins are available to which functions and how changing the gain of an internal opamp limits further what internal bits it can switch too, you end up using quite a few pins for interfacing what you would think you internally route.

I am just yet to find a useful job for them, fir $10 you also get a high speed snap off jtag programmer though, almost worth it just for that.
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