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Printrbot Controller boards F5
« on: July 04, 2016, 10:54:23 PM »
I have had very good luck with the Printrboards from Printrbot. They are available for $69 and run Marlin firmware. The newest rev. F6 (I have three F5) added a second fan connector for the cool zone on their UBIS 13S hot end. The Stepper drivers are integrated and the drivers settings are digital (in firmware). This can be a pain if a stepper goes south, but does not seem to happen often. But, it is a very compact board compared to a RAMPS board, board is 100mm x 60mm (4" x 2.4"). They have through hole for GPIO but no longer install the pins on the boards.

It uses an AT90USB1286 MCP and A4982 stepper drivers. It supports one hot end, one heated bed and two thermistors.
It does not support multiple hot ends without an add-on board (Extruder board) to expand for up to 3 hot ends, 3 fans and an two additional steppers. These worked on the Rev D and the Rev F5/F6 boards, You would have to add the pins on the F6 board to use the Extruder board.
That being said:

One of the things that seems to be the IN thing now is to use Micro B USB connectors. Simply said they suck.

The USB cable Micro connector bends very easily. It gets loose very easily and causes connection problems. The Micro connector on the boards snap off with very little effort. And repairing them is a very difficult chore when you are older and age blind.

I know that these save room on the board for other goodies but are their pitfalls worth the savings in space?

I know these things because Printrbot uses Micro B USB connectors on their Printrboard Rev D and Rev F5 boards. I have almost none of these cables that do not have a bent connector. And I have a printrboard with the connector snapped off. There are just too many movements around a 3Dprinter to have micro connectors.

It is a very common problem with other users and other boards that use micro connectors. So much so, that Printrbot changed to a USB B connector on its new Rev F6 board. I asked them to consider it the middle of last year, as I am sure others did. I really think that was a good move. It should solve the breakage problems and it should solve the connection problems that were seen with the micro connectors. And the USB Micro B cables seem to have greater quality problems than the earlier version USB cables ever had!
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