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Newbie set up problems
« on: September 01, 2021, 12:51:04 PM »
So I followed a video to build my 3000mw universal engraver, got it al set up, got benbox set up and translated into English. I then attempted to do a test engraving on cardboard with the laser, seemed be only burning in one spot, didnít move orientation at all, I then Changed some settings, without knowing what I was doing, then attempted to run the laser again. When I turned it on this time I immediately noticed the laser fan did not kick on, tried to run the test file again the laser moved side to side with no laser then stopped working all together. When o turn on now I hear something in the laser humming but no fan and no response from benbox. Also uninstalled benbox and reinstalled so I could get the default setting back and still have the same results, any help would be great, plan on using the t2 program if possible once I can get laser up and running, thanks