Author Topic: Text converted from Inkscape adds extra lines  (Read 147 times)


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Text converted from Inkscape adds extra lines
« on: June 10, 2022, 03:13:29 AM »
I usually draw in Inkscape, converting from .svg to .dxf to burn using T2Laser.
Generally OK, but problem with text: during the conversion it sometimes seems to develop extra lines through or between letters (please see photos).

Curiously it seems to affect certain fonts more than others, perhaps ones with serifs(!!??) Might be my imagination...
The texts affected by the lines in the  2 photos are Palatino Linotype and Franklin Ruehl CML.
The unaffected text in the other photo ("Torito . Lucky") is in Ink Free, I think. I've also written without problems in Impact, another serif-free font.

But all the pictured text is from the same .dxf document, converted and then burned in one job.

These lines are not visible in Inkscape in either .svg or .dxf formats, , but usually become visible in the preview pane of T2Laser once the .dxf has been imported to T2.
I think I have both programmes updated to latest: Inkscape is version 1.1.2 (b8e25be833, 2022-02-05) and T2 is v1.6d.

Has anybody else seen these curious little lines in text? Any idea how they're caused? Please tell me if more info is needed.
Many thanks!