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How To Purchase BenCutLaser
« on: October 17, 2016, 10:05:04 PM »
Full BCL Version

BenCutLaser has a trial version that you may download and try it out on your PC.

If you like using BenCutLaser and it meets your needs and runs fine on your PC, you may purchase a Paid license file (BenCutLaser.lic) which will remove the trial limitations of BenCutLaser.

Trial Version

Gcode lines generated limited to 400 lines of gcode.
Saving of the generated gcode is not available in the Trial version.
Start ups are limited to 45 start ups.
These limitations will give you an opportunity to try out BenCutLaser and see how you like using it and if it meets your needs. If it doesn't meet your needs, thank you for trying BenCutLaser and I wish you all the best in your search for a CAM software solution for your low power laser machine.

Paid Version

The price for a Paid license file is $49.95 USD. Once you make a Paypal payment to this email address ( email me the ID Code in the start up dialog when BenCutLaser starts up. I will take that code, which uniquely identifies your PC, and create a Paid license file for you. When you receive this BenCutLaser.lic file in an email from me, copy it over the existing lic file inside your BenCutLaser folder. You will now have a Paid license version of BenCutLaser with no limitations.

If you wish to run BenCutLaser on another PC, you will have to purchase a separate license for that PC. You pay 50% of the price ($24.95) for each additional PC.

Each license is uniquely associated with the PC the trial version runs on. In other words, you cannot copy or move a license file from one PC to another.

Important: the trial version is so you can try out BCL and make sure it works on your PC. Once I send you a Paid license file, I cannot refund your payment! So please make sure you use the trial version for awhile to make sure you are happy using BCL before purchasing a Paid license!


The Trial version of BCL presents to you an ID Code which you copy and send to me, if you decide to purchase a license file. I take that number and create an encrypted Paid license file (and no, that number is NOT used to encrypt the file!).

The ID Code is actually the hard drive serial number that you installed BCL on. Write down that number and keep it for future use! Why? If you later decide to reformat your hard drive, this serial number will also be changed and BCL will no longer work. In that event, grab one of the many utilities that will allow you to change your hard drive serial number back to what it was and BCL will work again!

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